An Instantaneous spontaneous ride – Ooty

Shreyas had this family function in Ooty to attend duringĀ the weekend and I was waiting for the weekend to ride someplace nice. So when Shreyas asked me to accompany him on Friday evening, I didnā€™t hesitate much but just say yes! With the month-endĀ approaching, I was initially a little skeptical about the trip. But then, […]

Markonahalli Dam – Perfect place with a perfect weather

Saturday was just too tiring with all the household chores and working on the garage spaceā€¦Ā  And so I was eagerly waiting for Sunday, on the pretext to go forĀ a short ride or just relax. Shreyas had a buyer lined up for his D390 on Sunday, so we decided to give it a proper well-deserved […]

The Long Route to office

So I recently shifted to a new place, thanks to the rising rental cost of houses in Bangalore these days. The new place is about 21kms from my workplaceĀ and I have to take the Outer ring road which isĀ flooded with traffic during rush hour. The rush hour costs me about 2-3hrs of my daytime and […]