Garage rebuild

I took some time off from work after coming back to Bangalore… There were a lot of things running in my head… So, I did what everybody would do, take one at a time… And I believe a calm, relaxed place could do wonders… A change was eminent…

As a kid growing up, I wanted a place/room for myself just like anybody else did… From the beginning, both me and my younger brother, Vikraman, shared a room, although it was mostly filled with my stuff… Now that he has left for UK, whatever he could last claim, is in a carton box locked away in the deepest corner of the garage… Now, I have a room as well as a garage full of infinite possibilities, all for myself. This was one of the reasons why we shifted to this place…

Photos from when I first came to have a look at this place, about two years back,

IMG_20150516_114444-01 IMG_20150516_114454-01

To me, the garage was the best part of the house!


After moving in though, most of the stuff that we didn’t want to keep inside the house, landed here and so the garage started becoming a mess… So much, that we hardly had any place to park all our vehicles (4 two-wheelers, and a car).

I had finally found purpose to my time off from work… Always wanted a place where I could work on stuff that I love doing… The Garage was it! As usual, I needed that little motivation, from close friends this time, Ajit and Raj. I must mention that Ajit is a vlogger (AJ390) and a famous one, at least we like to think that way… 😀

It started out clearing unnecessary stuff, decluttering, and as we progressed, we had space; enough space to make it a studio apartment! My other friend, Nitin was a helping hand to organize the place (he has got all the artistic sense) and it helped me give a clearer picture as to what this place could be!

Here’s a time-lapse video I took of us rearranging and making some space in the garage…

I got the old Sony sound system here now, sounds good, good enough to shake up the whole neighborhood… What was even better, the lighting I got done recently, all LEDs… the place is coming out beautifully… We plan to paint the walls light grey to give it a retro effect… But that’s still in the thought process…



Also, got the curtains done on the grill, so there is less dust inside (Courtesy: we stay near the outer ring road)…

That’s Raj chilling out

More on this in later posts…


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