Coldyeti – Back from Hibernation

The last one year was one hell of a roller coaster ride… scary yet fun! It will be a part of my life that would be hard to forget and close to my heart… Met quite a lot of interesting people, made some amazing friends, a lot of learning, travelling and sh*t loads of work! I was deputed to a telecom project based out of Navi Mumbai and the experience was a bag of mixed emotions; being part of the so-called telecom revolution, I was happy, and at the same time, getting used to the hectic work schedule, mostly on weekends and meeting their strict deadlines was a pain in the bottom!

I did manage to squeeze out some time to get away from the strenuous work, visited parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat on the event of two of my close friends’ wedding, which was officially my first solo long distance trip. Solo riding was the way to go but I guess that’s one of the best way to experience the essence of travelling… I could feel more connected to even the most random people I came across in my journey…

Hotel Janak Niwas   IMG_20170118_141032


IMG_20170117_223435.jpg IMG_20170121_231721.jpg


I was staying out of a hotel in Navi Mumbai, so getting to Lonavala/Pune was easy, about an hour or so ride. There are so many places in and around Pune and Lonavala that is not crowded and have stunning landscapes I have come across… The bike mostly found its purpose on Sunday mornings when I used to ride towards Mulshi Dam which is via Lonavala… I took a different route each time on the maps and the scenery never disappointed… The places around Valane is like a treasure chest for those who seek beautiful landscape, some amazing corners, a little bit of off-roading, a beautiful lake, good people along the way and amazing food of course… Added to this, the “Monsoons” were an icing on a red velvet cake!


What I have done in the last 14 months, was shoot a lot of videos on the GoPro… So much that I bought off a huge external hard disk dedicated to editing my videos someday… I just need that little motivation to start… This post is more like that little push I need, a jump start, to get back to what I wanted to do for a longtime…. I plan to keep this blog up and running, now that I am back to Bangalore for good, until people start hating me for these posts… 😛


P.S. Some memorable moments snapped during the Rajasthan-Gujarat trip…


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