2015 – A Forgiving year

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been active on WordPress. Though, I had been going through some interesting blogs every once in a while. Last year had been more forgiving than I can imagine…. Was involved in a flood relief work at the end of last year which made me feel good about myself and meaningful, at least before the year could end. 😛 😀

I should add that, while the GoPro is amazing, it has spoilt me a lot. Most of the emotions that I used to express in words could now be felt through the frames in my GoPro videos! Which is good in a way, since every time I go through them I relive those moments; the essence of riding… There are downsides to this, the editing part is far more demanding than writing. Going forward, I thought of adding and sharing my ride videos along with the blog henceforth! Should call it bvlog, I guess 😛


The bike had been in service for a considerable time during the end of last year. I also broke both the alloy wheels going over a pothole near my house. The insurance helped and got the duke 200s black alloy wheels instead of the stock orange ones. Looks good in my opinion, makes the bike appear a little bulkier… I had earlier seen the black alloy wheels on the overdrive website and was thinking of getting them someday, just didn’t know it would end up happening this way and so soon. Should call her Version2 for the New Year…



I have started editing my longest trip to Maharashtra that I did last year sometime during October with few of my friends from Bangalore Bikers. Will soon be posting a brief trip log too…

Here’s hoping to a very promising year! Wishing everybody the best!

A glimpse of the last video I had edited from the 8 day trip.


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