“Every setback is a setup for a comeback” 

I have had some mixed feelings for the last few weeks, if I should really be sharing this… But then, WTH, if sharing an experience helps another person, then so be it! There are a lot of things that go wrong on the road and we just let it pass by. Its the same with me; I have witnessed many but had never been in the one myself until recently. So, here it goes…

Sometime during the first week of August, when I was returning back from work late night, I crashed onto a parked truck on the outer ring road. Obviously, I wasn’t paying much attention/lost focus on the road! It was a perfect setting for a perfect crash though – no street lights (Thanks to Namma Bengaluru power saving initiatives), a truck parked on the road with no lights/indicators whatsoever, covering almost half of the road and I guess for some weird reason I spent too much time watching out for cars on the rear view mirror before changing lane. What would have been worse was me hitting the truck straight in the rear, instead reflex or muscle memory whatever you call it, kicked in and I guess, I somehow tried maneuvering at the n-th moment. In the process, the bike hit to a dead stop at the back of the truck while I was catapulted off it, sideways.

All of this happened so quickly that I don’t even remember the number of times I managed to pull off somersaults while doing a considerable amount of airtime, before landing on that clean, levelled yet rough tar road. Seconds after which I vaguely remember, taking some really long breaths, cars and bikes flying past, as I managed to roll myself to the edge of the road.

There were a few good Samaritans who stopped and helped me up, made sure I was alright. They got my bike out from the back of the truck, which was literally lodged in the rear of the truck. The truck fellows took off as usual while I took time to understand what had just happened.

Damage – Chassis crushed, front wheel and the disc brake plate damaged, handle bar twisted, mirrors, hand guards broken, radiator assembly mangled, coolant all over the road. As for me, I got off with just two metacarpal bone fractures on my left hand along with a little painful shoulder muscle swelling.

I guess thanks to the riding gear I was wearing. The SOL helmet took head first on the road, did a really good job considering I didn’t even have a headache or neck pain. The Knox flexi foam armors on the Spartan Helios Jacket made sure none of my joints or bones were broken during all this action. The TBG street gloves have those Knox armors on the located on the inner palm which worked the exact way it supposed to; by not gripping on the road which would have ended up in a broken wrist, instead my hands just slid off. A little muscle injury near the ribs but rest all just fine, could have been worse. That’s all I have to say for people having second thoughts on investing on a good riding gear. If money is all important to you!


Post-accident, my surgery went well and the K-wires did a good job in holding my bones together until they joined. Got them out two weeks back and now am on recovery mode. A full recovery will take time, but I am happy that I am done with it and could get back to riding again.

Got my bike from service within a month after the accident and they did a pretty good job, considering replacing a chassis; not that easy a job. Gave the bike to my friend Shreyas, till I got my hand back in shape. He had the chance to test it out when he rode it to Muzhappilangad Beach, Kerala for a weekend. No complaints whatsoever.

Pic courtesy : Shreyas

It’s been almost two months since I rode and have been doing some physio now. With much thought and knowing well that I could manage a short ride involving little clutch action, decided to head out to my favorite route last weekend with Shreyas and his friend. The corners were as good as ever and the weather perfect for the morning ride! Thoroughly enjoyed… Compensated for all that I missed in the last two months!


Pampered myself with a new lid, the HJC IS- 17 Armada, comfy with an internal sun-visor (sucker for internal sun-visors) and pin-lock ready. Also got the Viaterra Fly tank bag and the Raptor tail bag for a long ride planned later this month.


Here’s to hoping – for a perfect comeback!



4 thoughts on ““Every setback is a setup for a comeback” 

  1. What the hell happened man? 😲
    Hope you’re recovering fast. Nice write up, i see you got a goPro, now goPro pics add a real feeling from a person’s POV as you narrate the experience. Those truck drivers are really assholes. They park wherever they want. Ride safe brother ☺


  2. Glad you escaped without too much damage!
    And impressive work to get the bike back!

    I’ve been lucky enough to escape so far from accidents, except for a little tank slapper on an old Yamaha XVS 125cc which resulted in a broken arm (Long story), long since given up on the cruisers!

    Safe riding buddy!

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