Coldyeti – Back from Hibernation

The last one year was one hell of a roller coaster ride… scary yet fun! It will be a part of my life that would be hard to forget and close to my heart… Met quite a lot of interesting people, made some amazing friends, a lot of learning, travelling and sh*t loads of work! […]

2015 – A Forgiving year

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been active on WordPress. Though, I had been going through some interesting blogs every once in a while. Last year had been more forgiving than I can imagine…. Was involved in a flood relief work at the end of last year which made me feel good about […]

“Every setback is a setup for a comeback” 

I have had some mixed feelings for the last few weeks, if I should really be sharing this… But then, WTH, if sharing an experience helps another person, then so be it! There are a lot of things that go wrong on the road and we just let it pass by. Its the same with […]

Chitradurga Fort

The time spent riding between work and home has become very tiring and one of the most calorie consuming activity that I manage to do routinely these days! It takes about an hour or more to cross this 21km strenuous stretch. The weather hasn’t been forgiving either… I rather have mixed feelings…         […]

An Instantaneous spontaneous ride – Ooty

Shreyas had this family function in Ooty to attend during the weekend and I was waiting for the weekend to ride someplace nice. So when Shreyas asked me to accompany him on Friday evening, I didn’t hesitate much but just say yes! With the month-end approaching, I was initially a little skeptical about the trip. But then, […]

Markonahalli Dam – Perfect place with a perfect weather

Saturday was just too tiring with all the household chores and working on the garage space…  And so I was eagerly waiting for Sunday, on the pretext to go for a short ride or just relax. Shreyas had a buyer lined up for his D390 on Sunday, so we decided to give it a proper well-deserved […]